Nostalgic News: Pan’s Labyrinth was released 10 years ago today


Ten years ago today, on 11th October 2006, Mexican film magician Guillermo del Toro released his whimsical masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth.

A fantastically dark adventure to another world, the film is a touching exploration of an 11 year old girl’s escape from reality; with her imaginings taking her far away from her sadistic Falangist step-father and the remnants of the Spanish civil war. Starring the charming Ivana Baquero as the young Ofelia, we visit a realm full of fairies, fauns and woodland wonder – but with it comes a fair share of danger, as the enthralling fantasy soon becomes disturbing.

Acclaimed by critics and audience alike, the film has won roughly 28 awards, including three Oscars for the film’s art direction, cinematography and makeup; truly showing how well del Toro crafts his worlds. It is also the highest rated film of the noughties on Metacritic, with a score of 98/100, and has grossed over $80,000,000 worldwide – which isn’t bad for a production budget of only $19,000,000.

A fantastically horrifying combination of dreamy story-book creatures and the nightmares under your bed, Pan’s Labyrinth is a fable that will stay with you – whether that be from its touching themes or simply the disturbing encounter with ‘The Pale Man’. A gothic, beautiful fantasy escape for adults, it still remains relevant ten years on.

Watch the trailer below.


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