Michelle Gomez’s Missy is returning to Doctor Who


She’s the baddest, maddest Time Lady in Doctor Who right now – and the good news as Michelle Gomez’s villainous Missy is back for Series 10 of the show.

‘Missy’ is the current incarnation of the Doctor’s oldest foe, the Master, who first appeared back in Series 8. She was last seen in Series 9’s two-part opener, causing trouble on Skaro. Since then, she’s been notably absent from the life of her best friend/archnemesis – has she been away forming a new way to cause hell to rain down?

In an interview with The Music magazine, Michelle Gomez confirmed that Missy is back in some capacity for Series 10. “Weirdly, this is crunch week where I get to find out what I’m going to be doing next – I can officially say that I will be starting back on Doctor Who soon.” Good news for the big Missy fans out there, but equally bad news for those Whovians who dislike the character, and Steven Moffat’s decision to turn the traditionally male character female in her latest regeneration.

It’s likely Missy won’t be back until past the halfway mark of next year’s season, as it has been filming now for several months. Series 10 is Peter Capaldi’s third as the Twelfth Doctor, and he is joined by new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. Before that he will appear in a Christmas Special with Matt Lucas’ Nardole (groan), and will make a guest appearance in the debut of Who-spinoff Class this Saturday!

Series 10 of Doctor Who will kick off in Spring 2017 – the first Who series to start in that slot since Series 6. How heavily Michelle Gomez and Missy will be involved is still unknown.


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