BoomTown 2016 raises nearly £100,000 for charity


BoomTown 2016 managed to raise a phenomenal £98,654 this summer for a number of charities at home and abroad.

The new Speakers’ Corner was a platform that promoted awareness on several key issues. Wendy Teasdill, whose daughter Ellie Rowe tragically lost her life after taking drugs at a festival, delivered a poignant message on the dangers of drug abuse.

In addition, Maisie Williams discussed the growing refugee crisis and our humanitarian duty towards migrants. The White Ribbon Campaign launched their ‘Safe Event Guide’, which promotes awareness of sexual harassment and assault of women at live music events.

A charitable and eco friendly ethos has always been at the heart of BoomTown.£7,255 has been donated to The Hampshire Air Ambulance thanks to the stewarding partnership. A whopping £46,380 was raised for Oxfam through the stewarding partnership, with a further £15,000 raised through their Oxfam Shop, which was a given a swanky makeover located in the heart of Mayfair Avenue. £5,165 was raised for My Cause, a multi charity beneficiary that lets volunteers raise moneys for their own causes in the UK and abroad.

A group of local community volunteers from Twyford, collected 160 sleeping bags, 85 tents, 58 roll mats, 13 self-inflating mats, 17 rugs/blankets, and quantities of miscellaneous clothing, all of which were sent on their way to L’Auberge des Migrants in the Calais Jungle.

Additionally, the Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution collected tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, sleeping mats and clothes for Syria with the Portsmouth based Don’t Hate, Donate charity. Love Support Unite, which creates sustainable solutions to poverty raised an incredible £2,410.

The build crew from Barrio Loco, BoomTown’s carnival district, raised £1,640 for Alianza Arkana, a grassroots project that works with indigenous communities in the Amazon whose way of life is under threat from industrialisation. Finally, £3,600 was donated to the Energy Revolution to offset CO2 emissions produced through travel associated with the festival.

Thousands of volunteers donated their time skills and effort to produce a unique eco-friendly festival experience like no other!

Tickets for next year’s event go on sale 1st November so make a note in your diaries! Check out highlights below:


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