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The newest trailer for the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast dropped the other day, and in doing so, it provided us with a much more in-depth look at the characters and costumes which will be used in Disney’s reboot of the animated fairy tale classic. Below, our writers offer their thoughts, hopes and expectations of the film based on this initial tantalising glimpse.

‘Beauty and the Beast has ALWAYS been my favourite animated Disney film, as well as story. Coincidentally, alongside Belle, Hermione was my favourite childhood heroine so I am absolutely over the moon to see Emma Watson as Belle. Both beautiful and intelligent, I have no doubt that she will get the character spot on. However, I did find myself missing the animated versions of the household characters; not sure that any brilliant modern-day graphics can live up to animated Lumiere’s charm (can one be in love with a cartoon candlestick? I say yes). All the same, I am bursting with excitement, and will be getting my tissues ready for an inevitable nostalgic cry when this finally comes out!’– Olivia Krauze, Writer.

‘Beauty and the Beast is my favourite. Emma Watson is my favourite. I relate a lot with Belle and Hermione for some reason *glances at groaning bookcase*. I’m excited to see what they do with the film considering the trailer had me welling up!’– Carly-May Kavanagh, Live Editor.

‘I’m not a huge advocate of Disney’s endless stream of live-action remakes but this is the one adaptation that I have high hopes for. That familiar enchanting music throughout is enough to make anyone feel nostalgic and Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans seem like the perfect choices for the central trio. That said, I don’t think this trailer has been edited very well – the sequences all blur into one and I’d have liked more focus. Oh, and Ewan McGregor’s french accent is still a joke. I love you Ewan, but no.’– Anneka Honeyball, Editor.

‘This trailer makes the trainwreck that is 2016 worthwhile! It’s so beautiful, the casting is amazing and it makes me unbelievably happy (and nostalgic!). The only thing I find vaguely off-putting is how realistically inanimate Cogsworth, Lumiere and Chip look. However, I absolutely can not wait to go and see this in 2017!’– Holly Hammond, Writer.

‘This gave me chills. Belle was by far my favourite princess. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Emma Watson’s acting (she’s a far better activist) I feel this role will work for her. The casting in general has been genius from Emma Thompson to Luke Evans. The trailer gave just the right amount of tease to those iconic moments – Gaston in the bar, the yellow dress..and when that score hits – it can’t get better than that.’– Alice Johannessen, Writer.

‘I can’t say what I’m more excited about in this trailer! Emma Watson as Belle is every Hermione fan’s dream, but Luke Evans as Gaston as Gaston makes me even more curious because of the sharp contrast with the Bard in ‘The Hobbit’. The music also sounds amazing! March 2017, please come sooner!’– Thea Hartman, Writer.

‘I don’t know I about the rest of y’all, but this trailer got me HYPED. I had literal goosebumps and by the end, I genuinely thought I was going to cry. A trailer that is visually stunning, and with that classic score to accompany it; there is something truly magical about it. When they initially said they were remaking this as a live-action film, I was excited about the musical aspect, but was apprehensive about the CGI, but this trailer has begun to calm my worries. The Beast doesn’t look too OTT, and the intricate details in characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts are absolutely beautiful. Still a little hesitant about Emma Watson, but I am BEYOND ecstatic to see Luke Evans and Josh Gad in action as Gaston and LeFou. I have complete faith in them. Bring on 17th March, because I am going to be in the cinema crying like a loser.’– Rehana Nurmahi, Features Editor.

I’m hoping this film follows other Disney adaptations like Maleficient or Alice in Wonderland and adds something to the story instead of following the animation exactly. I can tell from the music and the costume that much be the same, but here’s hoping that it will delve deeper into the characters of Belle and the Beast.’– Lydia Cline, Writer.

This is without a doubt THE BEST cast film of all time. Seriously, there’s not a bad choice in here from Disney; Ian McKellan as Cogsworth – perfect! Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts – perfect! Luke Evans as Gaston – PERFECT!!! ‘I am so excited for this movie, so excited in fact that only Star Wars beats it out on my hype-meter for 2017; the sets look fantastic, the costumes are pretty perfect, the music is great, and did I mention that the casting is great? Yeah… it is…
I have super high expectations for this and if The Jungle Book is anything to go by then this is gonna be something truly special.
All together now:
Nooooo oonnneee FIGHTS LIKE GASTON!!!!’– David Mitchell-Baker, Writer.

‘The film looks great, with Emma Watson an obvious yet delightful choice for Belle. I’m more looking forward to the voices of Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson as the various castle staff/ornaments though – and Luke Evans as Gaston. Surely he’s the most human yet most despicable Disney villain around…’ James Barker, Culture Editor. 

‘Whilst it looks excellent in terms of cinematography, and CGI, I personally think constantly rebooting the Classics lacks a lot of imagination and is something of a cash grab- Disney know this film will sell and it’s easier to do that then to be creative, original or unique. My filmic cynicism aside, Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens all seem good casting choices. But Ewan McGregor’s French accent is about as convincing as mine.’– Robert Pratley, News Editor

The Verdict: Despite my blatant cynicism, a definite positive reaction from the Edgelings regarding the film. It does look visually stunning, and the casting choices seem fitting, if not perhaps a little predictable. The acid test will be when the full film reviews start to come in, but this seems a promising start.

Beauty and the Beast is released on 17th March 2017. Watch the trailer below, and see what you think:


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