Director of ‘Oasis: Supersonic’ Mat Whitecross admits possibility of sequel


Mat Whitecross has admitted in an interview to NME that Liam Gallagher has not closed the door on a sequel to his recently released docu-drama about legendary Brit-pop band Oasis.

Speaking to the music and entertainment magazine, Whitecross confirmed that the band had not totally ruled out on the possibility of a sequel saying: ‘It’s just something that Liam said off the cuff. I remember when he came in for the interviews, he said, ‘why we stopping here? I’m enjoying it lets keep going!’ If they were up for it I would love that.’ He did however, admit there was some problems with developing Supersonic, stating, ‘Something I found challenging and engaging about trying to do just two and a half years was even then we felt we’d bitten off more then we can chew. In some ways, I guess the danger is that as a band becomes bigger, the stories become better known. As a lifelong fan though, I feel there’s definitely another film in there.’

Whitecross was also quizzed on the possibility of making another band documentary featuring Morrissey and Johnny Marr, a topic on which he was also keen on. Whitecross commented, ‘I think that might be the fight that would kill me… If they’re up for doing a film then yeah. We know Johnny’s manager, he’s a good friend of ours so maybe I’ll try and get on the phone with him one day and see how it goes.’

Mat Whitecross’s full interview can be read here. Check out the trailer for Oasis: Supersonic below:


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