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After several rather dark trailers all teasing the release of Passengers in December, a new clip has been released that shows the lighter side of director Morten Tyldum’s sci-fi drama.

The new clip, ‘First Date’, develops on the snippets of what has previously been seen in trailers and gives an extended look at the relationship between the two key characters of the film, James ‘Jim’ Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). With one-liners like, “Oh, Space: the one thing I do not need more of.” and little interchanges like, “You went shopping.” “I went shop… lifting.”, we can finally see more of Pratt and Lawrence’s chemistry and the film’s overall humour in this fun teaser.

Passengers is a sci-fi set aboard to Avalon space ship where all of the occupants have been put into hibernation so that they can wake up 120 years later once they have reached a distant colony. However, the pair wake up decades earlier than expected and they have to work out how they can return to stasis, why they woke up early and what is happening on the star-ship as it begins to malfunction.

Passengers will be launched into UK and US cinemas 21st December, 2016. You can watch the new clip below.


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