Newest Sherlock Season 4 trailer released


After waiting a long time for a glimpse at the newest series of the BBC’s Sherlock, today fans have finally got a tantalising peek of what lies in store for the ace sleuth when series 4 is released in January 2017.

The 40-second trailer suggests the show is going even more dark and twisted spirit than any of the previous series. As a result, it doesn’t look good for Sherlock’s friends. Especially at risk are John Watson (Martin Freeman), or Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) who are briefly seen trapped with Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), out his mind and waving a gun around.

While Toby Jones perfectly embodies the newest, and apparently most sinister villain to date, threats and danger appear to be everywhere for our favourite Baker Street team.

The ending of the teaser leaves us speechless with Sherlock whispering: ‘I love you’. Who is he saying that to ? Is it a code ? A goodbye ? It only indicates that no characters is safe. Anything could happen. Moffat and Gatiss made it very clear that it is not a game anymore.

Sherlock Series 4 will premiere in January 2017 with ‘The Six Thatchers’. Check out the trailer below:


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