Koei Tecmo announce Dynasty Warriors 9 as series ‘rebirth’


Koei Tecmo have today announced the ninth installment of the best-selling Dynasty Warriors series, named Dynasty Warriors 9.

The game will be the first numbered release of the Dynasty Warriors franchise for four years at least, with predecessor Dynasty Warriors 8 released worldwide in 2013. For the brand’s twentieth anniversary, the developers have decided on a mass shake-up for the franchise.

The mass shake-up in question is a complete overhaul of game play, moving from a mission-orientated, chronological story mode to being a free-play, open world exploration featuring many more battles, characters and scenarios than any of their predecessors. The original game controls will also be significantly altered, with a focus placed on strategic gameplay and intelligent assaults and strategies, akin to a more realistic battle style. Omega Force have confirmed the one-versus-one-thousand battle style which sees you face hordes of AI enemy peons led by generals will return.

The game will feature over eighty-three characters, all having unique play-styles and battle rosters. Among the new characters joining the series is legendary Chinese warrior Zhou Cang, one of the major protagonists in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the historical Chinese roman which the game series is based upon.

The announcement was made as part of Jump Fest 2017. Check out the teaser trailer for the game below:


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