Fox close to securing an eleventh season of The X-Files


After what seemed to be an X-Files lull after Fox brought the series back last January, fans have been awaiting the news as to whether or not there will be an eleventh season- especially after that cliffhanger. (Curse you Carter)

Lo and behold, Fox president David Madden announced to reporters at the Television Association’s press tour this Wednesday (11th January) that the network are close to announcing whether or not the show will debut its eleventh season in 2018.

It all comes down to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Both are more than willing to film an eleventh season, but as always scheduling is coming between them and the network.

Due to the success of season ten – and the complaint of it being too short at six episodes – the network are hoping for a longer, potentially ten episode series to pack a larger narrative within the season.

If confirmed, The X-Files is most likely to return in 2018. Check out a clip from the previous series below


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