Disney confirm all Pixar films set within same universe


Disney have today confirmed a long-discussed fan theory that all Pixar films are set in the same universe. On their official Facebook page, Disney released a compilation of clips showing the entire variety of Easter Eggs and cameos hidden in their films, confirming all Pixar productions are set within the same canonical universe.

The selection of clips have been collated into a video posted on Disney’s Facebook page, showing how Boo from Monsters Inc has a Nemo toy, a boy sat in the dentist in Finding Nemo is reading an Incredibles comic, and Buzz Lightyear runs past a Bug’s Life Flik toy.

 The cameos are designed to showcase future and past projects from the animation studio. Eagle-eyed fans may be able to spot a brief reference to Pixar’s next project Coco, which is based around the Mexican celebration of The Day of the Dead. It features Miguel, who travels into the land of the Dead searching for his legendary musician ancestor Ernesto de la Cruz.
Coco is released on 8th December 2017. You can check out the original theory here.

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