Video-sharing App Vine closes down


Tributes to popular video app Vine poured in today after the app finally ceased to exist.

Having taken the decision to shut it down six months ago, support on all devices for the video-sharing Twitter off-cut finally closed off today. In addition, Twitter announced a nine percent cut to their workforce, following a period of struggle and slow growth for the social network.

Vine clearly carved out it’s own niche market, however, and plenty went online to pay tribute to the app. Daz Black, the most popular British Viner whose impressions, comedy and acting had been viewed over one billion times commented: ‘I was still enjoying the platform and it’s a great shame it’s closing.’ He also expressed confusion at the decision, adding ‘It’s got me to where I am today and opened the door to so many opportunities.’

Having subsequently tried to pursue a YouTube career, Daz Black found himself unable to sustain the same level of support, which he attributes to the fact, ‘The app itself became so big, so quickly, that no-one really knew what to do with it.’

Daz was not alone in expressing his disappointment with Ben Phillips, who became famous for earning £12,000 from Ford after one Vine increased sales also expressing his anger at the app closing.

Check out some of the most popular Vines of all time below:


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