Stranger Things 2 trailer released


Netflix have today released the first trailer for Stranger Things 2, which is due to premiere on Halloween.

Stranger Things 2 is set to follow on from where the first season left off, with an exploration of the wider mythology regarding the disappearance of Will. The trailer highlights two key aspects- the transition of the real life ‘Justice for Barb’ movement into the show’s canon, with Nancy particularly concerned that ‘No one ever cares about Barb.’ Secondly, the trailer also briefly hints at a return for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)- whose fate was left amibigiously dark at the climax of the first season.

Executive producer Matt Duffer had previously spoke briefly about the second series, and revealed that while some members of the town are acutely aware of the events of the first season: “certain people… don’t know what happened.” He refused to go further into specifics, but it clear that not everything is going to be as it seems.

Stranger Things 2 will consist of nine episodes and will be available to air on Netflix from Halloween 2017. Check out the trailer below:


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