Star Wars original cut not set to be re-released for 40th anniversary celebrations


Star Wars have no plans to re-release the original theatrical cut of The Original Trilogy as part of their fortieth anniversary celebrations.

After rumours emanated online that the George Lucas’ original theatrical release of the worldwide phenomenon space opera saga would be released during April’s 40th anniversary celebration events, Lucasarts employee and Creative Executive Pablo Hidalgo responded and quashed the fan hope almost as quickly as it could materialise.

The edited versions from George Lucas, which were altered first in 1997, and then again in 2011 for the re-release contained numerous alterations and errors including the much maligned ‘Han Shot First’ edits, bad CGI of troopers falling over, and the unnecessary ramming in of Hayden Christensen into Return of the Jedi.

Hidalgo tweeted: ‘Celebrating 20 years of that unaltered re-release rumor.’ It comes after commented in their report that they were firm in its belief about the return of the unaltered originals, so there could be a chance that Hidalgo is just trying to play down the rumours before an official announcement.

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration takes place throughout April 2017. Check out the differences between the original Star Wars and the re-release below:


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