Middle-earth: Shadow of War officially announced


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have officially confirmed the sequel to 2014’s critically acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, namely, Middle-earth: Shadow of War which is slated for European release on 25th August.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to be a continuation of Talion’s -the ranger players controlled in the first game- story, as he remains bound to the wraith of the Elven Lord Celebrimbo.

The official plot description provided by WB games, suggests that the game will provide players with a new Ring of Power, and have them face off against enemies including Sauron and the Nazgul. The sequel will also expand on its predecessor’s highly-praised Nemesis system, which provided players with a wholly customised experience, by shaping enemies based on the player’s previous encounters with them.

Regardless of the nature of its reveal though, the game is sure to be highly anticipated considering the overwhelmingly positive critical reception of its predecessor. Shadow of Mordor was highlighted for its fluid gameplay and rewarding progression system and hopefully these features will be improved come Shadow of War’s release.

More details will be available on 8th March when an official gameplay video is expected to be released.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War itself is to be released of the 25th August this year barring any delays that may occur. Check out the cinematic announcement trailer below:


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