TV License set to rise to £147


The government has announced plans to rise the cost of a TV License to £147.

The increase is attributed to inflation, though its the first time the license fee has gone up since 2010. It was previously £145.50, but you’ll have to pay an extra £1.50 to get your hands on it from 1st April 2017.

A TV License allows you to watch terrestrial television in your homes, and access the BBC iPlayer. The fee, paid yearly, covers the cost of all BBC services, and contributes towards rolling out broadband to the UK population. The cost of other channels, including ITV, are funded by advertising.

Those buying a license from April 1st onwards will be affected by the change, though will receive an email or postal reminder. The current government has been critical of the license fee and the BBC in the past, with the publication of the White Paper in 2016 investigating their running.

Check out some more information on the changes below:


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