Logan director discusses violent nature of the film


In an interview with THR’s Heat Vision, Logan director James Mangold has explained why he wanted to make the newest X-Men film as gory as possible.

Talking to the site, Mangold commented on the prevalence of violence in Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the eponymous anti-hero, saying: ‘I think it’s also about feeling the weight and the loss that the aftermath of violence results in. And that is what I was most interested in, in making an adult-themed film, a more sophisticated film.’

He continued, stating, ‘For me, getting the studio to agree to rated 18 is also when the movie stops being about the four boxes. The movie stops being a vehicle for moving merchandise.’ He also expressed that he felt that children had no place in watching Logan, adding, ‘No one’s watching the film through the prism of a 9-year-old or a 12-year-old and hoping to be able to sit through this six-minute scene between Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman.’ He finished his argument with the notion, ‘The tone even of itself is just too adult.  It’s not about any one single scene or act of violence or use of blue word. It’s bigger than that.’

Logan is in cinemas now. Check out the full interview with Mangold below:


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