Samuel L. Jackson discusses Kong: Skull Island and future of Nick Fury


Samuel L. Jackson has lifted the lid on his role as Packard in Kong: Skull Island at the Press day for the newest King Kong origin story. He also discussed his potential future involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as ex-SHIELD Director Nick Fury.

When asked about the CGI element, Jackson simply responded by saying: ‘ We asked the questions, all the time. We’d be like, “How big is it? Where is it? How fast is it?” Sometimes we got good answers, sometimes not so good.’ He continued to add, ‘Sometimes it’s just about the perspective of the camera and it has nothing to do with that thing being there, green screen, or anything else. It’s how you want to be perceived when it happens.’

The star also remained tight lipped on any future Marvel involvement, suggesting it was not forthcoming. Jackson admitted, ‘ I don’t know. I haven’t seen it. I haven’t heard that. I keep asking, “Am I in Infinity War?”‘

He also expressed an interest in being involved in more monster films, saying, ‘I’ve always loved King Kong, Godzilla, Mothra, and whatever was there to chase you and make you afraid. That was great! I’m still doing films that I wanted to see when I was a kid, or wished I could have been in.’ He finished by teasing his next direcing project, ‘I think I’m finally going to do The Blob. It’s gonna be awesome!’

Kong: Skull Island is out now. Check out the trailer below:


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