Will.i.am releases ‘Fiyah’ music video- set in Coronation Street


Eccentric British rapper Will.i.am has released the music video for his latest hit ‘Fiyah’- filmed on the set of Coronation Street.

He dropped the new hit during the live final of The Voice UK on 2nd April, in an act he says is ‘in appreciation of British Culture.’ Safe to say, it is certainly something.

Particular highlights of the video feature Will turning up at the iconic ‘Rovers Return’ pub to buy a pint- although saying he’ll ‘spend a hundred-fifty grand in here’ is perhaps slightly far-fetched. As is the group-dab-a-thon by the bar. Disappointingly, Roy Cropper doesn’t come steaming in for a classic dance-off, but we can live in hope.

The Michael Jackson-esque ‘Thriller’ style ending is quite odd, but it is glorious and vintage will.i.am nonetheless. It is certainly something, even if it isn’t quite the ‘appreciation of British Culture’ that he hoped for.

Check out the music video for FIYAH below:


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