Activision Co-Presidents suggest possibility of Call of Duty cinematic universe


In one of the most bizarre recent pieces of gaming news, the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios has suggested that the Call of Duty franchise might branch out in a cinematic universe.

In an interview with The Guardian, co-president Stacey Sher commented: ‘We have plotted out many years…We put together this group of writers to talk about where we were going.’ Sher suggested that ideas had already been explored at detail, adding, ‘There’ll be a film that feels more like Black Ops, the story behind the story. The Modern Warfare series looks at what it’s like to fight a war with the eyes of the world on you. And then maybe something that is more of a hybrid, where you are looking at private, covert operations, while a public operation is going on.’

Her fellow co-president Nick van Dyk added, ‘It’s going to have the same sort of high-adrenaline, high-energy aesthetic as the game, but it’s not a literal adaptation. It’s a much more broad and inclusive, global in scope … a big, tentpole Marvel-esque movie.’

Call of Duty has often been criticised for poor storylines and cliched plotlines, so Activision Blizzard already have their work cut out. People play COD because it is a good first-person shooter, rather than having an immersive narrative, and the lack of a main character will also not making adapting it easier.

Call of Duty is expected to return later this year. Check out the trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare below:


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