Legendary comedian Don Rickles passes away aged 90


Abrasive comedian, honourary Rat Pat member and voice-actor Don Rickles has died, aged 90.

Rickles first found fame when he appeared in The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson in 1965. Following this, he performed a number of live comedy gigs and appearances in America throughout the late sixties and early seventies. It was at this point he became inducted as an honourary member of Frank Sinatra’s infamous Rat Pack, with Rickles enjoying a close friendship with the singer.

Although his comedic value waned during the 70s and 80s, he enjoyed a renaissance in the 90s, landing a number of guest star and cameo roles in shows such as Archie Bunker’s PlaceThe Lucy Show and F Troop.

The outspoken, oft-obnoxious comedian enjoyed a glittering career which spanned six decades, including numerous iconic appearances in celebrity roasts, as well as the role as fan-favourite cynic Mr Potato Head from the incredible successful Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise. He also prominently featured in Martin Scorsese’s legendary crime classic Casino as a trusted co-hort to De Niro’s casino owner.

Rickles is survived by his wife Barbara; a daughter and a son; and two grandchildren.

Check out Rickles discussing his most famous role below:


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