Nostalgic News: The Cabin in the Woods was released five years ago today


Turning five years old today, on 13th April 2017, is Drew Goddard’s directional debut, The Cabin in the Woods.

The genre-bending horror film was a critical success upon release, proving itself as an intelligent spoof film that straddles scary, funny, and original in a way not many films had successfully done before. With Joss Whedon at the helm as co-writer and producer (of Serenity and Avengers fame) – he and Goddard produced a film that still provides a witty take on the horror genre now; and has stood the test of time to become a cult classic favourite with horror and comedy fans alike.

Following five college students as they head out on a getaway to – you guessed it – a remote cabin in the woods, they realise their trip isn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

Instead, it’s soon discovered that their lives have become a game for technicians of a secret government agency: but at what cost? With not just zombies, but zombie redneck torture families – and maybe a rouge merman – The Cabin in the Woods acts as a deconstruction of every genre trope you could possibly experience, but in clever and innovative ways. It’s easy to see how the film has earned itself 18 awards, predominantly as best horror film of the year; and 33 further nominations over the course of its release half a decade ago, as well as frightening off a whole new generation of teens from the woods once more.

For the last insane act of the film alone, it’s a must-watch for any serious self-respecting horror fan out there – you’ll definitely come across something you’ve seen before, and love the film all the more for it. If that doesn’t convince you, then Chris Hemsworth is also in it. Just in case.

Check out the trailer for The Cabin in the Woods below:


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