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The first trailer for the Disney’s upcoming and awaited second chapter of the revived Star Wars trilogy has recently premiered at Star Wars Celebration 2017.

The event, which also commemorated the 40th anniversary for the sci-fi space opera franchise featured a number of major announcements including Star Wars Battlefront 2 being confirmed, along with several extra smaller elements in the franchise such as a new animated series being released on Youtube.

The event which was anticipated the most, however, was the promise that the first footage from The Last Jedi was to be premiered for the first time to the public. Given that J.J. Abrams’ 2015 offering, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was by no means perfect, it will be interesting to see what route they take with the new film.

Below, the Edgelings give their varied opinions on what is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated trailers of the year.

‘Holy goddamn wow mamma mia does this movie look good. This was such a simply crafted trailer with some fantastic shots (see Rey’s hands and the levitating rocks), eerie narration and powerful imagery, and THAT MUSIC! Kylo Ren looks like he’s about to wreck some bitches, as does Phasma, BB8 is still a total babe and I’m so looking forward to seeing more of Fin and Poe in Han’s absence. This subverted every expectation I had of it and I still loved it, ALL ABOARD THE STAR WARS HYPE TRAIN AGAIN!!!!!’– David Mitchell-Baker, Writer.

‘AT-ATs on a snowy planet- Hoth Battle Mk. II is inbound. Can’t wait to see the film, looks absolutely amazing and really cool to see some references to the Grey Jedis in the trailer.’ – Robert Pratley, News Editor.

‘I’ve obviously fallen to the dark side because I’m left thoroughly uninteresting in Rey and Luke’s training (especially the whole “Jedi must end” thing when we all know they won’t). The glimpses of Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren are far more exciting. Rey fared just fine in ‘Force Awakens’ – does she really need to spend what will inevitably be half the movie swinging a lightsaber around on a rocky island?’– James Barker, Culture Editor/Sith Apprentice.

‘That score never fails to give me goosebumps. That said, we haven’t been given a lot to go on, other than some ominous words from Luke (that admittedly were “oooh” inspiring) and some distant shots of Rey training – but maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t want to see too much right now. Still, it’s something to look forward to!’– Anneka Honeyball, Editor.

‘I wasn’t that excited about The Last Jedi initially, but that’s definitely changed after seeing the trailer! There are some gorgeous shots in there and it’s good that it doesn’t give much away. I’m still hoping that the Ewoks will return somehow…roll on December!’– Georgia Hawke, Writer.

‘Jedi must end is clearly leading to Gray Jedi as does all the balancing and light and dark talk and motifs I mean look at the poster. Less shown the better.’– Tom Brown, Writer.

‘With Rian Johnson directing The Last Jedi, could it ever *really* be bad? Loving the trailer, super pumped to see whatever that space battle is about, and also that salt lake battle, especially after the awesome set pieces we got in The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Luke’s words about the Jedi have me on edge though – could he in the end turn out to be the ‘evil’ Luke some fans were expecting to see in The Force Awakens? Whatever happens, this one’s sure to be a hit and I’m super excited to see it come Christmas!’– Sam Law, Writer.

‘I’m going to make a very well articulated statement for you, Robert, but right now my mind is like a swirling mixture of a high pitched sound, and that bit from Mulan where Mushu rises up all “I LIVE” style. So I’ll get back to you.’– Millie Cassidy, Writer.

‘I’m not sure coherent thought is possible right now. This trailer has me so excited and its wonderful to finally get a proper look at the film and this trailer is beautifully put together with phenomenal shots, great music, brilliant dialogue and not an once of plot. I cannot wait to see where this next chapter leads us. And as a side note, although all we see of her is her back, its heartwarming to see Carrie Fisher feature in this trailer proving to all that she will forever be our Princess and a vital part of this story.’– Laura Woodhouse, Writer.

‘I hate to say it, but the teaser doesn’t have me that hyped. While some of the shots were incredibly well filmed, there was nothing that was particularity new or exciting. I’m still looking forward to the film, but I’m hoping the next teaser will show something actually impressive.’– Josh Nicholson, Writer. 

‘The Force Awakens unfortunately hasn’t held up under repeat viewings. However, we all remember the chills we got when the first teaser hit and this new teaser erects the same feeling. Both visually stunning and interesting, not to mention that familiar iconic score, consider my attention fully gained.’ – Eddy Tesfay, Writer.

Verdict: Although the general reception does seem to be quite positive for The Last Jedi, there is still some overwhelming concern that the film might not actually like up to standard. With the scarcity of plot details in this first trailer it is tough to predict exactly what will happen- but Rey swinging a lightsaber around a rock for an hour plus will not make for a good film. Still, a very solid and exciting start.

Check out the trailer below and see if you agree with The Edge on The Last Jedi:


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