Second Alien: Covenant prologue clip released


As the marketing campaign for the hotly anticipated Alien: Covenant ramps up, 20th Century Fox have released another promotional prologue clip.

The clip entitled Prologue: The Crossing takes place prior to the movie, and acts as a follow up to the franchise’s last entry, Prometheus. It features Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, who reprise their roles as David and Shaw respectively, and follows what happened to them after the events of Prometheus.

The clip, two and a half minutes in length, consists of David narrating what happened to both him and Shaw following their escape from planet LV223. He recounts Shaw repairing him and describes their success in setting course for the Engineers’, aliens from Prometheus, home world. The clip ends with David quoting the poem Ozymandias whilst peering through the base of the ship as it begins to land in what appears to be an ancient looking city.

The clips acts as a bridge between the two films and begins to answer some of the many questions fans had after Prometheus’ release in 2012. Hopefully we will see further revelations come Covenant‘s release in just over two weeks.

The clip was uploaded on “Alien Day” in which Fox studios also held a one hour panel featuring cast interviews as well as more news regarding the upcoming film.

We can be sure to expect more teasers and tv spots in the lead up to May 12th when Alien: Covenant will be released in the UK. Until then, check out the latest clip below:


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