First trailer released for Marvel’s The Defenders series


The first trailer for Marvel’s The Defenders has been released, showcasing the dynamic between the four heroes.

In the preview, a mysterious aged samurai-wisecracker declares that the ‘Battle for New York has begun.’ Fortunately, it should be easy to defend with The Jewel, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, The Hero For Hire and the Immortal Iron Fist right?

Wrong. As the first trailer demonstrates, it is going to be difficult for the team to come together, with Jones clearly confused at Matt Murdoch turning up after she is imprisoned, while Rand and Cage find themselves fighting each other in the attempt to try and out-macho one another.

One thing is for sure, it won’t be easy for the team to come together. Will they prevail, or will New York fall once again?

Marvel’s The Defenders premieres on Netflix on 18th August 2017. Check out the first trailer below:


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