Newest trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming released


The latest trailer for Marvel’s summer release, Spiderman: Homecoming has today been released, showcasing a lot of new footage.

Most notably, we see that Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) secret identity as the eponymous web-slinging hero isn’t quite as watertight as usual, with his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) bursting in while he climbing around the ceiling. It’s safe to say this equals quite a major shock for him, causing him to drop a LEGO Death Star in the process. With 4016 pieces, it’s going to take some time to put that back together.

Equally important is a first look at Michael Keaton’s villainous Vulture, the evil alter-ego of petty criminal and scrap merchant Adrian Toomes. He declares to his cronies that ‘Tony Stark is a rich man. He doesn’t care about us.’ While that might be true, the dramatic destruction of a ship at sea might cause Downey Jr.’s Iron Man to change his view on them.

Although he doesn’t appear too much in the trailer, the worry still exists that Downey Jr’s presence will overpower young Tom Holland in scenes they share together, but the new comic element in the film, added to by Zendaya’s Michelle seems welcome.

Spiderman: Homecoming is released on 7th July 2017. Check out the new trailer and footage below:


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