Portugal wins the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest


Portugal have won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Kiev.

Portugal’s act Salvador Sobral triumphed over the other twenty five countries scoring a Eurovision record points tally of 758.

Before the finals had begun, both Portugal and Italy were joint-favourites but ultimately Bulgaria came second with 618, with . Usual Eurovision staples (and perennial British backers) Ireland were not present at the finals once more, having missed out on a finals spot since 2014.

The UK act Lucie Jones scored surprisingly well with 111, despite predictions that we would labour in the finals once again. This pessimism was due to two major mitigating factors- firstly the British exit from the European Union last year, culminating in a vote suggesting Britons would like to leave the contest as well, and also poor reception towards Jones’ act in regards to it’s perceived low quality.

The Edge’s favourite act Moldova, and their act Sunstroke Mamma- featuring Epic Sax Guy– finished in 3rd place- this was largely due to the extensive voting campaign from Surge Station Manager Xavier Voigt-Hill.

Check out the winning act’s official video below:



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