Miranda Hart rules out ‘Miranda’ film


Miranda Hart has today ruled out the possibility of creating a film spin-off based on the her eponymous comedy series.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4 Extra, Hart revealed she had been in talks with BBC Films about creating a big screen version of Miranda, which was last broadcast in a two part Christmas Special in 2015.

The Call the Midwife star, who is set to make her West End debut imminently commented on the differences between film and television. She noted: “The transition from a studio sitcom to a film never works – The Inbetweeners is a perfect example of it working brilliantly, because it was filmic anyway.”

She continued to express the issues regarding adapting the show, adding, “But what are [the characters]doing on location? And we’re not hearing laughs [from the audience], so it’s such a different thing.”

She did comment on her ideas about how the film coud have ended, comically suggesting “I wrote what was the film script for the finales… [where]they split up and then got back together and the beautiful galloping along the beach on a horse. It would have been a good movie story, but I’ve done it.”

Fans of Miranda need not totally despair though, as Hart suggested potential future instalment in Miranda’s life might be possible. She finished saying, “I think you could do married life as a sitcom, with Miranda and Gary and see how they’re getting on.”

Check out a classic Miranda scene below:


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