New trailer for Game of Thrones teases The Great War


There’s a brand new Game of Thrones trailer and it promises war on all fronts.

Packed full of new footage, the trailer aims to tease whilst also confirming much of what we know about this season so far.

Cersei is out for blood, promising to defeat any army that challenges her while Jon Snow continues to rally support in the North under the threat of Others, and Littlefinger’s manipulation of Sansa.

One of the most rewarding moments comes as Daenerys proclaims her right for the Iron Throne, finally touching ground in Westeros—literally. The sight of Daenerys kneeling on the beach at Dragonstone, pressing her hand to the sand is easily the high point of this trailer but there is still yet more to come.

Highlights also include Arya riding North, Melisandre watching from the walls of Dragonstone, Jon Snow fighting Littlefinger in the crypts, dangerous liaisons between Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand, and one very, very, very big dragon.

Whilst this trailer promises war between the two Queens, it seems that the threat of White Walkers won’t be set aside for long as Ser Davos offers some very sage advice:

‘If we don’t put aside our enmitites and band together we will die. And then it won’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.’

Game of Thrones will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic at 2am on 17th July and made available on NowTV, before being re-broadcast at 9pm the same day.

Check out the latest trailer below:


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