First trailer released for Marvel’s Black Panther – Watch


The first trailer for Marvel’s February 2018 superhero epic Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman and Martin Freeman has been released.

As expected, the trailer only offers us a brief tantalising insight into the film, centred around a dialogue between Freeman’s MCU character Everett Ross and Andy Serkis’ black-market dealer Ulysses Klaue. The clip reveals that contrary to previous belief, T’Challa’s nation of Wakanda is not an impoverished third-world state, as hinted at in Civil War, but rather a heavily advanced technological civilisation, described by Serkis’ character as the legendary ‘El Dorado’.

The clip also highlights the role that T’Challa will play in adopting his status as the Black Panther, who is the designated protector for Wakanda. This seems especially important as Boseman muses that: “Soon there will only be conquerors and the conquered.” Considering the tagline for the film is ‘It’s hard for a good man to be a King’, it seems like Wakanda’s ruler is going to be tested to the limit in trying to maintain the peace and safety of his people.

The press release for the film states: the Black Panther will be ‘drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk’ and the audience gets a brief look at this through the action-heavy trailer which ends with an impressive shot of the Panther leaping from one wrecked car onto another rooftop.

Marvel’s Black Panther is due to be released in cinemas on 16th February 2018. Check out the first trailer below:


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