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The first trailer for Marvel’s February 2018 release, Black Panther has been revealed over the weekend, and in general it has stunned everyone with it’s suave, swift style and focus towards a more action-packed plot-line and focusing on wider story elements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the final event before 2018’s Infinity War.

The trailer has already gone massively viral, and has already amassed a stunning 16.5m+ views on Youtube alread. You can read more about exactly what the trailer entails here, but in the mean time, check out the reactions from our Edgelings below:

 ‘Feline fine about Black Panther. It could have been a cat-astrophe, but I’m not kitten when I say I’m super excited about wonderfully weird it looks. Ameowzing cast, paw-some visuals, and some furry-ous looking fight scenes!!’ – Ashleigh Millman, Deputy Editor/Queen of Puns.

‘Absolutely in love with the powerhouse cast they’ve got here and that little Predator-esque moment in which the torch shone up and found him crouched in the tree ready to pounce was brilliant. Tonally (at least in the quick succession of clips in the trailer), it seemed very all over the place, but Black Panther was one of my favourite parts of Civil War and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and Wakanda.’– Anneka Honeyball, Editor.

‘With Boseman being as good as he was in Civil War and with the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Michael B Jordan and the MVP of TV in 2016 Sterling K. Brown on board, this is possibly the MCU’s best cast to date. Aesthetically and tonally this seems to be a totally different approach to what they’ve done before and the action looks great. Two of Marvel’s best have been solo movies so I’m hoping for good things from this one, at the very least I’m intrigued by this somewhat more eccentric direction.’– David Mitchell-Baker, Film Editor Elect.

‘Love that they’re imbracing the weirdness of Wakanda and focusing on Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaw, given that Marvel’s villains are pretty rubbish – nice trailer!’– Rob Tucker, Writer. 

#BlackPantherSoLit‘- George Seabrook, Writer.

‘It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’ve been looking forward to this film since it was announced and I’m thrilled with the first trailer as it looks like Chadwick Boseman (arguably the standout character of Captain America: Civil War) is set to deliver once more with a stunning cast alongside him. I’m so ready for Wakanda’s much awaited entrance into the MCU!’– Holly Hammond, Writer.

‘I really loved the addition of the Black Panther in Civil War and felt that introducing a brand new character within the arc of an existing story was a stroke of genius considering how many origin stories we’ve been bombarded with in the past. It’s great to see the return of Black Panther to the screen in his own movie and even better to see the marvelous Andy Sirkis reprising his role as Klaue (last seen being dismembered by Ultron). This trailer really excites me and its wonderful to see that it hasn’t lost its African roots. The cast looks wonderful and I’m looking forward to meeting this new set of characters. Thor 3 left me feeling dubious but Black Panther has me feeling confident that this will be a great new entry into the MCU.’– Laura Woodhouse, Writer.

‘Wow Batman sure looks different these days- all jokes asides, Black Panther is gonna be amazing, possibly the best Marvel Earth film since The Winter Soldier. Chadwick Boseman is a great casting, plus looking forward to seeing the Dora Milaje and their epic fighting skills!’ – Robert Pratley, News Editor. 

Verdict: In general, an overwhelmingly positive response from the Edgelings for the first trailer. Featuring a stellar cast including Boseman as the eponymous hero, plus support from Michael B. Jordan, Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman, Black Panther looks like it has all the ingredients to be a massive solo success. Here’s hoping it holds up to the hype when it is released on 9th February 2018. 

Check out the trailer below and see if you agree with our Edgelings:


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