First plot details released for Star Trek: Discovery


The first plot details for Star Trek: Discovery have been confirmed by CBS.

After it was announced that Star Trek would be returning to the small screen, showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg pushed the airdate back by seven months.

Now, three months ahead of its September premiere, they have finally teased at the plot of the upcoming series, which is set on two ships, with the first protagonist to not be a pilot of either.

Sonequa Martin-Green stars as Starfleet First Officer Burnham, the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy.  Harberts revealed to EW that: “Sarek [Spock’s father, played by James Frain] plays an important role in her life”.  She begins as the First Officer on the Starship Shenzou, under Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), but after making a choice that Harberts says “affects her, affects Starfleet, affects the Federation, [and]affects the entire universe”, she joins the crew of the Discovery, with Jason Isaac’s Captain Lorca at the helm.

This choice, apparently, “begin[s]what Gretchen and I call our ‘second pilot.’”  This refers to the fact that the pilot will show on CBS, while the rest of the series can only be seen on CBS All Access in the US, or on Netflix worldwide.

In defence of their decision to not put a captain in the chair, as it were, Berg says that it gives them the chance to “get to tell stories from a very different point of view. It’s a fresh feeling because we’re not on the bridge all the time. We get access to more parts of the ship.”

They have also said that the Klingons will be returning to this series, which is so new in so many other respects.  And, as always, they don’t seem to be on the good side of things.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut on Sunday, 24th September on CBS. New episodes will be available weekly on Netflix from 25th September. Watch the trailer below:


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