Pearl Mackie is not giving anything away about the future of Bill on Doctor Who


Pearl Mackie has revealed she has spoken about her Doctor Who future with incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Last Saturday saw the start of the Doctor Who two-part finale which will serve as the penultimate episode for both the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and showrunner, Steven Moffat.  But many people are discussing the future of the current companion, Bill.

Pearl Mackie, who plays Bill, appeared live on BBC Radio 2 with Graham Norton and said that absolutely nothing could be taken as concrete evidence about her future on the show.  She did however drop a few morsels for the eager Whovian that could hint that her character might continue the series.  These included talking to Chris Chibnall who will be taking over from Moffat as showrunner.  She was recorded saying that: “[Chris] said some nice things, he was very pleased about the series and how Bill’s been received,” she did however add that she doesn’t know if he has a game plan for the series following his takeover.

Norton asked Mackie who would make the decision about whether Bill will remain on the show to which she replied “I don’t know! I think, hopefully, we will make the decision.”  She also mentioned that it is not unheard of for companions to continue the show after the Doctor has regenerated- Rose and Clara are both recent examples of this trait.

Whatever the situation going forward with Bill’s continuance on the show, it is likely that the departure of Moffat and Capaldi will shake things up greatly.

The final episode of the series, ‘The Doctor Falls’, will air on Saturday at 18:30 on BBC One.  Watch the trailer below. 


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