Telltale Games announce second season of The Wolf Among Us


After a near four year wait, Telltale Games has officially announced the second season to the highly praised The Wolf Among Us.

The announcement came as part of Telltale’s summer 2017 update that also confirmed a final season for the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead, and more content for its recent Batman series.

The new season, which will come out sometime in 2018, will tell a new story based on the award winning comic Fables and will most likely be centred again on the character of Bigby Wolf, voiced by the returning Adam Harrington.

Despite Telltale taking on more widely known properties such as Game of Thrones and Minecraft, the demand for a continuation of Bigby’s story has always remained high. This evidently paid off as in the video that the announcement was made in, Telltale producers and writers made it clear that it was mainly through fan demand that the studio decided to give the go-ahead for a second season.

The Wolf Among Us’ first season launched in late 2013 and throughout its nine-month release schedule received high praise from game critics for its excellent storytelling and neon-noir look.

Fans can expect more news on The Wolf Among Us Season 2 as well as the other Telltale announcements over the coming months. For now, check out the full Telltale announcement video below:


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