Nostalgic News: So Wrong, It’s Right was released ten years ago today


Ten years ago, on 25th September 2007, acclaimed pop-punk icons All Time Low released their second studio album, So Wrong, It’s Right.

The record, the follow up to 2005’s The Party Scene, propelled the Baltimore-born boys into the pop-punk stratosphere, and marked their first major release as a group and with Hopeless Records. The album was also responsible for gladly bringing to life the now-iconic ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ and ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’.

Flourishing a wonderfully raw side to what would evolve to be ATL’s classic finesse, it stands as a flawless throwback to the heyday of pop-punk, loaded with the hook-laden anthems of ‘Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) and the boyish tenderness of ‘Remembering Sunday’.

Whilst met with the mixed sentiments of fans and critics alike, the album paved the way for the peak of All Time Low’s glory days, instigating the sound of its widely renowned follow-ups, Nothing Personal and Dirty Work.

Remind yourself of the album by listening to the now iconic ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ below:


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