Nostalgic News: Busted released Busted 15 years ago


They said they’d been to the year 3000 and their crush on Miss Mackenzie was what they went to school for. Fifteen years ago, on 30th September 2002, pop-rock group Busted released their self-titled debut album, and introduced us not only to their very unique sound, but also to their crazy teenage-boy personalities.

During a musical period when artists such as Avril Lavigne and Wheatus were gaining prominence, Busted was the UK’s version of the early 2000’s pop-rock movement. Quickly rising to fame in Britain, their popularity spread throughout a younger demographic who could relate to their teenage angst and who were into their diverse sound.

Their quirky lyrics accompanied by their catchy beats made their songs easy to rock out to, while their ability to play their own instruments and give their own in songwriting showed Busted’s passion for the music industry, even at such a young age.

The album tells a real story. The first track, ‘What I Go To School For’, gives us a fun introduction to the boys’ crush on their teacher, while ‘Loser Kid’ rounds off the record with the boys talking about their general social experience at school, while also giving Miss Mackenzie a second mention.  The fourteen tracks give us a musical insight into the lives of a few teenage boys, as they sing about a variety of things, from crushing on pop-stars in ‘Britney’ to going through break-ups in ‘Losing You’.

The album’s uptempo songs such as “You Said No” and “What I Go To School For” got kids from all over Britain jamming out, while more meaningful ballads such as “Sleeping With the Light on” or “Psycho Girl” expressed their emotional responses, exploring relatable situations such as heartbreak or being an outcast at school.  Through this diversity, we can observe their interesting ability to incorporate a unique side to the band into each song.

Holding 1.2 million sold copies to their name meant it was no question that Busted were on the road to bigger and better things after the debut album. And even now, after their second album and their split in 2003, Busted and the hit songs from their first album remain embedded in the minds of the people who love them and their music.

Watch the music video for the album’s first track below:


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