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Not only did Tuesday morning provide Southampton students with ‘The Best 9am ever’, it also gave most of the world the latest in-depth sneak preview of the upcoming second film in the Revived Trilogy of Star Wars.

The Last Jedi has been nothing if not cryptic in terms of promotional material and teasing for the film, with a number of plot-points remaining heavily shrouded in mystery and some key characters in the film yet to be shown in any more than a passing glimpse. But what exactly is the “Raw power” that Luke hints at? Is Kylo really becoming good? Or is Rey turning to the dark side? AND WHO REALLY IS SUPREME LEADER SNOKE?!?

Below, our Edgelings offer their nuanced thoughts and sometimes ridiculous theories about arguably the most anticipated film of 2017:

“I just have lots of goosebumps and lots of feelings. Not entirely sure what to expect from the film given the trailer – but whatever it is, I am here for it.” – Rehana Nurmahi, Deputy Editor.

“It may be spoilerific (we now know for sure we’ll be getting Rey vs Snoke, Rey vs Kylo, Finn vs Phasma and Kylo vs Leia) but god damn does this trailer have me hyped! Action looks tight, shots and story look appropriately dark, and from the looks of it we’ll have plenty of scenes that pack an emotional punch (the possible demise of Leia or Kylo & Rey’s team-up, anyone?). Hoping that Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing is handled delicately and sensitively and if so, we could well have a new best Star Wars on our hands come Christmas.” – Sam Law, Deputy Records Editor.

“Kicking things off, I’ll be impressed if they actually have the balls to kill off General Leia Organa, considering the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. If done sensibly, it could be the dramatic, poignant crux for a film that so far lacks any real emotional impetus or gravitas and it would give Kylo a genuine fear factor and antagonist element around himself.

In reality, I’m expecting Disney to chicken out, and just shoehorn in an unecessary swap between Kylo Ren and Rey with the former becoming good and the latter becoming evil- probably tainted by Snoke. Finn vs. Captain Phasma definitely has some potential, but it seems like that’ll just be a minor plot point once again.

Oh, and I think it’s obvious now that #SnokeIsBantha – Robert Pratley, News Editor.

“Shit looks lit y’all.” – Eddy Tesfay, Writer.

“We saw Jax Jones and RAYE hold a gig/lecture in SUSU at 9am this morning and Damian still said that the Star Wars trailer was more surprising.” – James Barker, Editor.

“Goddamnit I love Star Wars so much, I said to myself that I wouldn’t watch this trailer, but who am I kidding? This is amazing.” – David Mitchell-Baker, Film Editor.

“My heart will break if Leia won’t make it through this, but the trailer promises a darker and more original Star Wars story to freshen things up after The Force Awakens, and the action sequences look spectacular. TBH just give me a spaceship or three and I’m happy. I just hope they handle Kylo properly – I love a villain turned good story when it’s done right, but if they don’t bother to develop him as a character then these hints at a team-up with Rey will feel forced. Either way, I’m already getting tickets just for those ice foxes because I need them in my life.” – Liana Dent, Writer.

“Star Wars trailers have always been the best trailers. Last month, when the final trailer for Star Wars: Rebels was released it left me feeling tingly and emotional but The Last Jedi just hasn’t had the same effect. I won’t deny that the trailer is epic (its STAR WARS) and I’m incredibly excited to see the film but something just felt a little off.
Maybe it’s the bittersweet knowledge that this marks the final time we’ll see Carrie Fisher (and possibly Leia) onscreen or maybe it’s the emphasis on fast-paced action but something about the trailer just didn’t hit quite the same sweet spot. Almost as if it’s the Star Wars equivalent of Star Trek: Discovery: all the right ingredients just not as we’ve ever seen them before and that is exciting.

Another exciting thing is the amount of attention that has been placed on editing the trailer. YouTube is quickly filling with reaction videos and breakdowns, each one claiming to know *exactly* how The Last Jedi will pan out but having seen the trailer a few dozen times, I’m pretty convinced Disney has us all hoodwinked into believing we know what’s going to happen when actually we’re none the wiser. My only hope is that Carrie Fisher’s passing is handled delicately and sensitively, and that however we leave Leia in this instalment it pays tribute to the lasting effect this woman has had on people both in and outside of a galaxy far far away…. – Laura Woodhouse, Writer.

VERDICT: Better than Jax Jones and RAYE? The Last Jedi trailer certainly hasn’t dampened any of the expectation or intrigue for the film, which comes out in the festive season. Whilst there seems to be plenty of action and adventure, there also seems to be a fair amount of conflicted feelings, trouble and strife for a galaxy that seems in mortal danger – the most telling question is from whom?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released in cinemas worldwide from 15th December 2017. Check out the trailer below and see if you agree with our writers:


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