Hilarious Bob Ross-inspired Deadpool 2 trailer released


The latest trailer for the Merc with the Mouth’s sequel has dropped and it is a stunning homage to Bob Ross.

The titular anti-hero dons the familiar overalls, shirt and bushy brown afro in order to produce ‘Wet On Wet with Deadpool 2′– a brilliant parody of Ross’ iconic painting show, which gently pokes fun at his gentle-easygoing nature. Particular highlights in this brief but brilliant section include the paint colour names: stand outs include Box Office God, Mennen Black and Betty White.

Also evident is the crude humour which makes Deadpool (the alter ego of Wade Wilson) such an entertaining and relatable character. But it’s not all parody. During the technical difficulties, we get a few brief snapshots of the usual suspects- violence, explosions, romance and rude gestures. More importantly, we get our first look at Cable (Josh Brolin), Deadpool’s newest sidekick.

All’s that left to say is the final fantastic line of what is certainly a contender for the best trailer this year: “Keep your pants dry, your dreams wet and remember- hugs not drugs.” Bravo Deadpool 2, you already look brilliant.

Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin and is released worldwide on 1st June 2018. Check out the newest trailer below:


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