Nostalgic News: Daft Punk released Random Access Memories five years ago


Legendary French electronic duo Daft Punk released Random Access Memories five years ago on 17 May 2013 and, with it, they provided not only their best and most complete album to date, but also gave us one of the decades finest.

It is justifiable to call Random Access Memories a modern classic, not just for its renowned birthing of the ultimate club classic ‘Get Lucky’ which soared to the top of the charts in 30 separate countries, but for its success as a fully formed package of dance-inducing genius. Track for track, the album is unrivalled in its field. The thirteen songs on the track list are perfected with a splattering of enticing collaborations, from The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, to Chic’s Nile Rogers, and to the multitalented producer and singer Pharrell Williams.

Paying homage to sound of the 1970s and the 1980s, Daft Punk create a new identity centred around disco and prog-pop, opening with the promise to ‘Give Life Back To Music’, and that’s a promise they certainly deliver. The smooth funkadelic feel of the album is so intricate and intelligently amalgamated, that it’s no wonder the likes of ‘Instant Crush’ and ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ are so inherently catchy and uplifting.

Littered with the highest of accolades, Random Access Memories topped the charts in over 25 countries, and sold over 339,000 copies in just its first week, going on to win Album of the Year at the 56th Grammy Awards, and more importantly, ‘Get Lucky’ can still be found on every party playlist.

Remind yourself of their hit, ‘Get Lucky’, below:


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