Watch: New teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 airs


Looks like we’re being blessed with an abundance of sci-fi teaser trailers at the moment! Just after Doctor Who teased the release of its 11th series yesterday, Netflix has aired a teaser for the third season of its hit show Stranger Things.

The short video is formatted as an advert for a new mall in Hawkins, Indiana. The upbeat music and jolly atmosphere is a far-cry from the eerie and suspenseful tone viewers might expect from and associate with the show. In fact, if it weren’t for the mention of Hawkins, viewers might not notice that this was a teaser for Stranger Things – that is until Steve Harrington shows up to say “Ahoy!”

Steve is joined by a new character, Robin (played by Maya Hawke), and seems to be working at the mall’s ice-cream shop.

The video was shared by the Stranger Things social media accounts with the comment “Ahoy! Something is coming… to Hawkins, Indiana!” We think it’s fair to guess that ‘something’ here refers to more than just a mall…

The only negative is that it looks like we’ll have to wait until next summer for the third season’s release. Hopefully we’ll at least get some more teasers before then!

Stranger Things Series 3 is likely to air next summer on Netflix but release dates are TBC. Watch the teaser below.





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