Carole King writes an anti-Trump song


After a seven year break from music, Carole King – a Democrat – has come out of retirement to rewrite one of her old songs for a new purpose – an anti-Trump single. It is a reworking of ’One’, a 1977 release. King has added a new final verse to the song and it said that it is a “call to action” ahead of the mid-term elections in the US.

The song was originally played at a political fundraiser last month, but this new version has been recorded to “empower people”. King has not written any new music since her 2011 Christmas album, which was nominated for a Grammy.

The new verse of the song speaks to prospective political candidate: “What will we do?/We’re gonna run/reach for the sun/come together as one/show ‘em how it’s done/at the end of the day, we’ll be able to say/love won.”

King has said: “I see it as empowering people who feel hopeless to do whatever they can as one person. If nothing else, they can vote for Democrats and change the climate of our country.”

Click on the link below to watch King’s reaction to Aretha Franklin at the Kennedy Centre a few years ago:


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