Nostalgic News: The Simpsons Hit & Run was released 15 years ago today


The Simpsons Hit & Run was released worldwide on Gamecube, Xbox and Playstation 2 15 years ago today on the 31st October 2003.

Developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games, The Simpsons Hit & Run was a Grand Theft Auto-style action adventure game set in the world of hit animated sitcom, The Simpsons. The game was structured around seven levels, each of which saw the player take on the role of an iconic character (Homer and Bart had two levels each, with Lisa, Marge and Apu also featuring) and completing a series of missions that usually involved driving and collecting coins.

Although it was first released on console, the 21st November 2003 saw the game rolled out across the world to PC and was a huge hit on all formats, selling over 3 million copies and becoming one of the most popular Playstation 2 games of all time.

The game has since become somewhat of a cult phenomenon, with fans setting up online petitions for a modern-day sequel or a remastered version to be released. Given that the The Simpsons Hit & Run is 15 years old, now would be an awfully good time for the developers and publishers to at least make it backwards compatible!

Take a look at the original trailer below:


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