Gladiator sequel in the works, announces Scott


Sir Ridley Scott has reportedly confirmed that he is moving forward on a sequel to the classic hit, Gladiator. The original was incredibly popular; winning five Osars, including best actor for Russell Crowe and best director for Sir Ridley Scott.

Crowe’s character died at the end of the film, and so it has been announced that the sequel will follow Lucius, the nephew of Emperor Commodus, who was played in the original by Joaquin Phoenix. Sir Ridley will direct the sequel. The screenplay will be written by Peter Craig, who wrote two of the Hunger Games scripts.

Crowe had previously attempted to have a sequel to the film made in 2013 – he asked Nick Cave to write the script. Whilst Crowe somehow wanted to star in this sequel, there are obvious problems when attempting to bring his character back to life. The Scott version of the film will see Crowe’s character, Maximus leaving a strong impression on Lucius for avenging his family.

There is no timescale on the film as of yet.

Click on the link below to watch one of the most iconic scenes from the original film: 


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