Nostalgic News: Marley and Me was released 10 years ago today


Marley and Me, based on a true story and memoir written by John Grogan, was released 10 years ago today on 25th December 2008. Starring Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson, it set the record for largest box office ever on Christmas Day. It’s hardly surprising to see why.

It combines heartwarming tales of love and family life – joined together, rather messily and chaotically, with their golden Labrador, Marley. This film will make you laugh, cry, and wonder how you can really feel so many emotions over a dog. This film is definitely one for dog lovers – but it doesn’t shy away from the more difficult topics either. Sensitive topics such as miscarriage are discussed and it isn’t a shallow film that you will forget five minutes after you’ve watched it. I think the most powerful thing about the movie is how authentic it feels throughout; although it is fair to say that without the dog, the film wouldn’t be half as memorable.

Watch the trailer for the light-hearted film below:


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