Nostalgic News: Only Fools and Horses final episode aired 15 years ago today


I still remember watching Only Fools and Horses for the first time at 5 years old. To my amazement, it was not only funny for the adults in the room but for the children as well, making it one of the few shows which has become universally mainstream. Over the years, Only Fools and Horses has become a comfort show; something I can watch again and again, regardless of what mood I’m in. I am not alone in this view. The final episode was watched by 24.3 million viewers, and this Christmas, millions of households will once again watch the final episode.

So, why after all these years is it still so important to so many people?   Only Fools and Horses revolutionised the definition of a sitcom. Prior to its release in 1981, the idea that comedy could explore emotional issues was unheard of. Despite this, Only Fools and Horses had the characters face issues such as death, divorce, and even miscarriages.

Despite the generational gap, I will sit down with my family this Christmas and laugh at the antics of Del Boy and Rodney – it is this  that makes it such a special show to so many.

Click on the link below to watch some of the best moments from the popular TV series:


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