Netflix cancels its last two Marvel TV shows


Unsurpringly, Netflix has now officially cancelled its last two remaining Marvel TV programmes, The Punisher and Jessica Jones. This comes after the cancellation of one of the most popular Marvel Nextflix series, Daredevil was cancelled following its season three debut. After this, it was clear that Netflix was cutting its project of the Marvel Netflix TV Universe.

The experiment started with Daredevila concept that would be slightly more adult-appropriate than the Marvel film, and would then be followed by series such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones leading up to an Avengers style series called The Defenders. Lots of fans were not entirely convinced by the series; many argued that the storylines were too weak to have a whole 13 episodes dedicated to them.

Netflix cutting ties with the Marvel franchise makes sense when considering Disney’s new streaming service that is launching later this year, Disney+. It is not yet clear whether any of these shows will be broadcast on a different network or if their contracts with Netflix will even permit this.

Click on the link below to watch the trailer for Jessica Jones: 


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