Steven Spielberg to express concerned views about Netflix at Academy meeting


After Roma losing out to Green Book for best picture at the Oscar’s last weekend, although Netflix narrowly missed out on the award, some in Hollywood are not happy about the nomination at all. Steven Spielberg has been incredibly vocal about his disapproval of the streaming service being eligible for awards at the Academy, saying last March that: “I don’t believe films that are just given token qualifications in a couple of theatres for less than a week should qualify for the Academy Award nomination.”

After Netflix’s Roma ended up winning three Oscars (best director for Alfonso Cuarón, best foreign language film, best cinematography), Spielberg is going to try and propose a rule that would make Netflix films ineligible for Academy Awards. Further controvery may appear between Spielberg and Martin Scorsese, as Scorsese’s latest film, The Irishman, will be available to stream on Netflix later this year. Although some of these films do have a cinema release, it is often limited and on a much smaller platform before it is widely available on Netflix. However, others have argued that a full cinematic release is not always inclusive, and leaves out those with lower incomes or minorities. Despite all of this, it is clear that the way to watch films is evolving quickly, and before long I suspect Netflix will overtake the classic cinematic release.

Click on the link below to watch the trailer for the Oscar-winning movie, Roma:


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