Nostalgic News: The Matrix was released 20 years ago today


Two decades since the release of The Matrix, The Wachowski’s mind-bending sci-fi phenomenon, and it remains one of the most original, quotable and just plain coolest films ever made. Balancing existential philosophy with some unbelievable action scenes – Neo vs Agent Smith’s climactic fight is, possibly, the best 1 v 1 ever – The Matrix tells a thought-provoking story in an incredibly slick, stylish way. From Neo’s iconic bullet dodge to Morpheus’ “what if I told you…”, it’s hard to imagine a time before The Matrix had permeated our culture; indeed, its stunt work and use of ‘bullet time’ slow-motion has greatly influenced all manner of sci-fi and action films since. And, with the increasing power and fears of artificial intelligence in today’s world, the questions it poses are more relevant than ever. Twenty years on, there’s never been a better time to revisit The Matrix, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Click on the link below to watch the trailer for the influential sci-fi hit:


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