Watch: First teaser trailer for Doctor Sleep


The first trailer for the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel Doctor Sleep has been released.

The novel was published in 2013 and is the sequel to King’s classic The Shining, which was infamously adapted into a movie in 1980, directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson. It has since become known as one of the scariest horrors of all time, telling the story of the Torrance family’s stay in a haunted hotel.

Doctor Sleep follows the story of Danny as an adult, and how the trauma of his time at The Overlook hotel still haunts him. He meets a young girl who has similar powers to him, and tries to save her from a cult called True Knot who feed from the ‘steam’ of children with powers like theirs.

The movie stars Ewan McGregor as a grown up Danny Torrance, opposite cult leader Rose the Hat, played by Rebecca Ferguson.

Doctor Sleep will premiere in cinemas on November 8th. Watch the trailer here:


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