Nostalgic News: ‘Abbey Road’ was released 50 years ago today


How do you adequately summarise Abbey Road in 150 words? It’s a monolithic achievement in pop music and remains an instantly recognisable piece of cultural history. The final album recorded by the Beatles, and their best.

Of all their albums, Abbey Road gives the best account of the band’s talents. Ringo Starr’s best drumming is on Abbey Road, as is his delightful ‘Octopus’s Garden’. John Lennon brought ‘Come Together’, which proved to be amongst the most enduring Beatles songs. Out of nowhere, George Harrison contributed two of the greatest songs ever written – ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and ‘Something’. And Paul McCartney masterminded the sublime medley that ends the Beatles’ discography on a fitting high.

The best compliment you can give Abbey Road is that it sounds as scintillating as it did on 26th September 1969, a monument to a band at the height of its powers pulled apart by its own gravity.



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