Nostalgic News: Cinderella was released 5 years ago


Adaptations of classical stories fuel much of cinema, with fairytales being a constant source of adaptation: cue Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 adaptation of Cinderella.

Branagh has a rich history with both the stage and screen and he successfully transforms Cinderella into a nostalgic and heartwarming film with a star-studded cast. Lily James and Richard Madden star at the centre, playing Ella and Charming respectively, with support from Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, and Derek Jacobi who all have fantastic performances in this film.

Visually, the film is incredibly attractive with all the conventional qualities of a fairytale without transforming it into the realm of the fantastic and retaining a real, tangible quality to the images on screen; the colours are vibrant, the locations are beautiful, and the costume and make-up design work perfectly with each other.

Combine these elements and we have a Cinderella for the adults that is able to simultaneously invoke childish nostalgia as well as retain a sense of maturity in its method storytelling.

Watch the trailer below:


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